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Our History

History of the game

Cestoball is an Argentine sport created by Professor Enrique Romero Brest, the father of Argentine physical education. He began to design his rules in 1897 after participating in a Congress of Physical Education in Holland. In 1903 he presented the sport to the Ministry of Education and Public Health as part of a Physical Education program for secondary school teaching, which was approved on March 17, 1903, the date on which Cestoball Day is currently celebrated.

Between 1910 and 1922 the game received several regulatory changes. In 1924 the first organized competitions were held, which subsequently led to the organization of intercollegiate championships, by the National Institute of Physical Education (INEF). In 1930 the First Argentine Cestoball Championship was organized by the INEF. In 1932 the Argentine Federation of Volleyball and Cestoball was created, presided by Romero Brest, in order to federate the teams and regulate the practice of both volleyball and Cestoball.

In 1952 the Argentina Cestoball Confederation was created, becoming independent of volleyball in 1952. In the following years the game spread throughout Argentina, and several American countries (Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador).

In 1986 it was decided to boost the ball to the basket internationally and in addition to making regulatory changes that led to a faster sport, its name was changed to Cestoball. The International Confederation of Cestoball is created.

How did Cestoball Reached India

Mr.Mohamed Aquib a sports lover from Bangalore, India shouldered the responsibility to established Cestoball Federation of India and Asian Cestoball Federation headed by B.S.Rafiulla , Naganna.B , Sharanakumar Nayak , Ankur Singhal and From Asian Countrys Sri Lanka Mr.Nimal Wirasingha, Miken Mahajan From Nepal , Shaiful Islam from Bangladesh, Dr.Hamid from Indonesia , Dr.Tirso A Ronquillo from Philippines and Cestoball Federation of India working hard to reach in School Game Federation of India (SGFI) , All India University (AIU) in the process to getting recognizsation from Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Government of India and India Olympic Association,

Our Vision

The vision of Cestoball Federation of India is to promote participation and following of the sport at the grass root levels in the country. ... The Cestoball Federation of India is committed to and works toward opportunity for all to participate.

Our Mission

The vision of Cestoball Federation of India is to bring the talented youngters to the sports culture. As cestoball India missioned to focus on the rural areas talented players to get the chance and brings their life as they decide to go.

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